Why youth is so annoying.

There is rising sap on the inside but surfaces are dry and wrinkled, dusted with white. Fragile leaves whisper of the promise they had when they were young.

So, winter and old age are the same, but the hope for new life belongs to the next generation.

In the springtime of youth, life shines with the conviction it will grow into something better. The dingy flat will be swapped for a nice house when you earn more money. The dull job is the first step on your career path. The annoying friend will eventually move away. You’re not responsible for the future. It will come to you.

The rampant growth of summer brings competition for every possible opportunity. There’s no time to enjoy the moment because the next one has already arrived. The things you could and should do pile up and rot in the heat. Life is happening, and it takes all your energy to keep up.

With the slanting rays of autumn sunshine, a spotlight turns to those times when you were expecting something better; the friends, the experiences, the places you glossed over because you were on the way to somewhere else. Winter is all you have to look forward to. You grieve for good times past.

Then winter comes and you’ve arrived at the future you ignored. It’s too late to change it. The future now belongs to the next generation. You will have no part in it.

That’s why youth is so annoying. You want them to control their future because you can’t. But their winter is far away, beyond their imagination, and beyond your ability to influence it.  

With the promise of spring, youth grows where seeds fell, regardless of the randomness of the scattering. If you try to replant them, there’s no guarantee they will survive the anarchy of summer growth. And by the time they face their autumn, you will be gone.

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    1. OK, so it’s not fluffy ducks and chocolate but don’t you think it’s kind of comforting to know that everything turns out the way it was meant to be, despite all our striving. I like winter too. What’s not to like – snuggling up with a blankie and glass of wine beside the fire. And knowing all that stuff you’re supposed to do can wait until it gets warmer.

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