The Great Whale of Doom

Well-meaning, new-age therapists have come up with an idea that feeds my Whale of Doom: the more you worry about something, the least likely it is to happen.

It’s a banquet for the 3 am visitor. Does it mean that, if I don’t worry about it, it will happen? But I can’t worry about everything. Not even the Whale of Doom can be so massive.

Then I get to worrying about what I’m not worrying about. Alright! I know I’m feeding the beast.

I  feed it with the most unlikely “what ifs”,  just to make sure they don’t happen. But the stress of worry is so terrible, it might as well have happened.

Thank you to Leunig for naming the beast and giving me the power to humour it into a snack.

What feeds your Whale of Doom?

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